• MSc Imperial
  • MEng ENSAM

Hi, I am an industrial designer and maker, based in Montreal, Canada.

I like making crazy things, riding my bike(s), playing Lego and cooking for my family.

I work as a freelance designer. Contact me if you think I can do something for you.

I am technical coordinator for Museomix MTL, co-creator at mozzarellabs, Techno Culture Club and TinkTank.

What have I been up to?

Montreal drawings

A couple of months ago, I backed Isketchnote on Kickstarter. It’s a tablet that allows you to vectorize your drawings as you make them. I finally received it and gave it a try :


123DBake is a web-app that lets you ‘bake’ 3D files in a ‘microwave’. And why would you do that, you ask? Well, why not… With Manu, we wanted to play with Javascipt and webgl, so we imagined a fun and


The experiment with JavaScript continues. This time, playing with Paper.js. Ever wanted to draw with cookies? Well, cookify does just that… You can try it here: http://mozzarellabs.com/cookify/ Go play with it before it gets bought by Facebook and they ruin everything!

Projection mapping on 3D printed face

With my friend Emmanuel, we like to do short and sweet projects. And we wanted to experiment with projection mapping and 3D scanning / 3D printing. At his work at SAT, he is developing a piece of software, called Splash,

ANICE stool

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make a quick-and-dirty stool, inspired by this one. But the main difference was that I wanted to use a 3D-printed core, to hold the wooden bits together, and add some color to

LEGO-compatible fablab machines

I like LEGOs and fablabs, so why not combine the too and make LEGO-size fablab machines? The original idea I had when working at nod-A was to have a set of LEGO-sized fablab machines that could be used to make

3D scanning to 3D printing – Inuit version

During Museomix Québec, the amazing team of Creaform was there with their crazy 3D scanners. I was really curious to see them at work and luckily, one of the teams came up with a project involving their 3D scanners. The

Interview sur Radio Canada

La semaine dernière, j’étais à Québec pour l’édition 2013 de Museomix, mais on m’avait demandé d’intervenir aussi pour le Forum des Artisans du changement, qui se passait à quelques centaines de mètres du musée de la civilisation (où se passait

3Dscan to 3D print test

By now, you probably know I’m interested in everything 3D. For some time, I’ve been curious about 3D scan to 3D printing. I had a few days in october with access to an iPad2 and some time on my hands,

MakerFaire Rome 2013

Much has been said already on the ‘first European MakerFaire‘ which happened in Rome at the beginning of last October. It was a bit disappointing in a way, because it looked a lot like a business convention. We just had

Quelques mots sur les musées et les fablabs

L’équipe de Imaginons nos fablabs au Québec m’a demandé d’intervenir (à distance) lors d’une discussion sur les fablabs et les musées. Marc-Olivier Ducharme m’avait demandé de partage mon expérience sur Museomix. En effet, à travers mon travail chez nod-A, j’ai participé

D7 & D222

En décembre 2011, j’avais été envoyé par nod-A dans une école d’art à Tourcoing avec des machines de fabrication numérique (découpe laser et découpe vinyle). L’idée était d’accompagner une résidence de designers de 5 jours. Le thème: les ‘assises urbaines’. Et

Le Petit FabLab de Paris sur France Info

J’étais la semaine dernière sur France Info pour aller parler FabLabs et surtout, présenter le Petit FabLab de Paris. La partie sur LPFP a été coupée au montage, donc il ne reste plus que quelques mots… Dans tous les cas,

Bike parts : fablab VS metal workshop

I’m a big fan of 70′s Peugeot bikes. I’ve had about 10 different colors of the model called ‘Nouveau Style’. This bike looks really nice, but is a bit small to ride… And because it was designed in the 70′s,

Modular character study for ReaDIYmate

I made some research for ReaDIYmate, a small french company that specialises in interactive toys. The idea was to have something that can be modular and have some electronics inside, so it can interact with its user in some way.


I am doing a few workshops with nod-A at the Cité Des Sciences (Paris’ science museum) to help them set up their FabLab. For the first workshop, we built a blinking sign for the FabLab. For the second one, we

Generation iPhone case

At the first ArtGame WeekEnd, we created a game that could be passed over from generation to generation. The game got a fair bit of attention. The project has been going on since, in the hands of the team at

Vector isometric Arduino drawing

I’ve been wanting to play with the isometric 3D mode in Illustrator for quite a long time. So I made this Arduino drawing: Download it as an image, as a PDF or an Illustrator file and use it for your

BikeFurious is go!

So yeah, you like bikes? You like Ts? Check out the brand new Bikefurious shop: It’s version 0 and we’re hoping to make it better as we go. For example, we’re having trouble showing bigger images. Check out the designs

Unboxing my SketchChair educator kit

What’s not to love about SketchChair? It’s got Open-source, parametric design, digital fabrication and it was crowd-funded on KickStarter! So what is it? SketchChair is an application that aims to allow anyone to design a chair and make it (or