SteamPunk Phone

Steampunk inspired user-centered mobile phone concept for O2. It has no keyboard and no screen. To use the phone, a paper punchcard with binary encoded information must be inserted. The concept reflects the users’ frustration with bloated interfaces, and the desire to be more in touch with the hardware.
Winner of ‘Most Mutated Design’.
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  • Patricia

    Je viens de craquer avec cet mobile….Vous ètes le top et je suis très contente de vous avoir trouve.
    Genial absoluement.
    Je viens de postér votre mobile chez le forum steampunk espagnol (avec le link de votre web)..j´espere ça ne vous derange pas
    Merci bien, vous m´avez fait bien profiter visuelment :D DD !!

  • Ane

    Lovely work. Where can I put my name on the pre-order list?

  • Aaron

    When can i buy it?

  • David

    I would love to get one of these if you offer them for sale.

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  • Ebabycat00

    is this phone available for sale in the US?

  • Lewis Taka

    If you want to be “in touch with the hardware”. Buy a touch screen phone.

  • Ebabycat00

    when will this phone be available for purchase??

  •öning/727272697 Oliver Schöning

    Wonderfull :) I would like to know the Binary Code

  • Charles von Vitic

    i would love to have one of these. i share the same feelings about modern phone interfaces. let me know if you find someone to make these

  • Scott Macaulay

    Opens up a new market in card collecting.  Puts a new spin on getting someone’s number.  Form over function is the future as we approach the tech singularity.  

  • Jack Goodwin

    I think I echo everyone else when I say I want this. XD